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The Summer I Ate Ice Cream and Cried

Storyteller: Sarah Karl

Kindling: Cam Camden

On June 15th, 2012, Sarah Karl ate ice cream and cried. It was an eventful day. She cried a bit more after that, but mostly she just continued to eat ice cream and keep things to herself. Almost eight years later, she is ready to share her story.

Content Warning: Suicide, Depression


This story will be told on May 2 & 3.


Conceived and Directed by Ilia Isorelýs Paulino

Produced and Filmed by Erin Sullivan

A fat fantasia. This short film is a celebratory look into the lives and minds of plus-size women artists. Because women can wear crop tops and eat their cakes too. 

God Scrawl

By Zachary J. Rosen


In an abandoned room in the halls of heaven, God writes on a chalkboard. She does not stop to rest, or eat, or talk. No one has seen her for thousands of years and no one knows what to do. An angel knocks on the door to ask for her help.


A Radio Play.

Living as a HumanPerson(™)

By Branson Rideaux


HumanPerson is a life and content optimization platform.


A HumanPerson makes roughly a thousand dollars per video when verified as a Person - a tight online ecosystem of guides around the world. Revered as successful life models in a time of ever increasing loneliness and self isolation, they benefit socially, financially, and politically from their elite positions.

But who are these People, and what is their relentless optimism and self-branding masking about the outside world?


This series will be released throughout May.

Are you or do you?

(Adapted Phrase-Work Excerpts for film)

Choreography by Alexis Robbins

       in collaboration with Luiza Karnas

Can a pair of shoes change your identity? If we don’t know the answer, do we know who we are?Through the duality of abstract vs. theatrical storytelling, “Are you or do you?” aims to explore these questions surrounding identity and more.

This film will be released mid-May.


Truck III

By Margaret E. Douglas

Truck is back! The year is 2148, and the truck is rusting away. In this next installment of the lauded, award winning Truck Series, Frances E. Douglas, the great-great-granddaughter of the playwright Margaret E. Douglas, embarks on a time travel adventure with her scientist wife, Dr. Julia Espalda, to save the Truck. 


It's funny, it's sad, it's a radio play.

Brought to you by Team Truck.

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